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Modification of Time Sharing

Handled By a Family Law Attorney in Stuart

Children grow up quickly and as they do, so do their needs, interests, and goals. If you have a parenting plan for your child, you and your child’s other parent will likely have to make at least several changes to the plan as the child matures. In Florida, it is usually extremely easy to modify these plans so long as both parties are agreeable to the alterations. This is because the state encourages both parents to work together and compromise as much as possible for the sake of the children. However, making changes to a parenting plan can quickly become a laborious nightmare if the other parent is not amenable to the changes.

At ADL Law, P.A., our family law attorney in Stuart is highly experienced in handling these types of cases and can help you alter your time sharing or parenting plan today. Backed by years of in-depth experience in family law, we can quickly and efficiently help you with all your parenting plan modification needs. Our legal team will work relentlessly to understand your needs, protect your rights, and help you get the results you need. Whether you are moving and want to spend more time with your children or picking up a new job and need to spend less time with them, we can help.

To learn more about how our family law attorney in Stuart can help you modify your time sharing plan, please either call us today at (772) 210-9097 or contact us online.

The Process for Modifying a Time Sharing Plan

Modifying Parenting Plan

If a parent refuses to agree to changes in their child’s parenting plan, the other parent may request that a Florida court make the decision. Once the court has heard both parent's opinions, the court will then act in the child’s best interests so as to protect the child and their future.

Even in the rare case where a court modifies a plan without a hearing due to an emergency, the court will usually have a hearing shortly afterward in order to determine if the modification was the right choice. Ultimately when deciding to modify a parenting plan, the child’s best interests are what the court prioritizes.

Modifying a Time Sharing Plan Includes a Variety of Factors

The court will take into account the following factors when making its decision:

  • Family ties the child has
  • Consistency in the life of the child
  • The physical and emotional safety of the child
  • Both parent’s respective wishes (will try to be as equitable as possible)

The court will most likely not take into account these factors:

  • The incomes of either parent
  • Whom the child wishes to spend more or less time with
  • Whether or not one of the parents has violated their parenting time agreement

To schedule a case evaluation with our family law attorney in Stuart, feel free to call us today at (772) 210-9097. Call now and modify your time sharing plan quickly and efficiently.

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