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Charged with Burglary? We Can Defend Your Case.

Florida defines burglary as the unlawful entry of a dwelling, structure, or conveyance owned by, or in possession of another person, to commit an intentional felony or a theft. If you’re accused of a burglary, it’s essential to contact our lawyer before communicating further with law enforcement, as what you say and how you act may work against you in court later. Attorney Adam Less is a former police officer, meaning his knowledge of how the other side operates when handling burglary charges could serve your case immensely when building a defense.

Under certain circumstances, your burglary charges may equate to a felony:

  • First degree felony: The offender commits assault or battery, is armed with explosives or a dangerous weapon, or enters an occupied or unoccupied dwelling or structure and uses a motor vehicle as an instrument to assist in committing the offense, and thereby damages the dwelling or structure, or causes property damage in excess of $1,000
  • Second degree felony: The offender does not make an assault or battery and is not armed with a dangerous weapon or explosive, and the offender enters or remains in a:
    • Dwelling, with or without another person in the dwelling at the time the offender enters or remains
    • Structure, and there is another person in the structure at the time the offender enters or remains
    • Conveyance, and there is another person in the conveyance at the time the offender enters or remains
    • Authorized emergency vehicle
    • Structure or conveyance when the offense intended to be committed therein is theft of a controlled substance
  • Third degree felony: The offender does not make an assault or battery and is not armed with a dangerous weapon or explosive, and enters or remains in a structure or conveyance without another person present at the time the offender enters or remains

How We Can Help

Burglary is a serious crime with harsh penalties. Most states, especially Florida, can be ruthless when prosecuting burglary offenses. Our firm is relentless in the courtroom and can apply hard-hitting tactics to negotiate for the penalties of your case to be minimized or dismissed.

Attorney Adam Less can employ defenses such as:

  • Intoxication
  • Consent
  • Lack of intent to commit a crime after entering the property
  • Duress
  • Insanity
  • The stolen items belonged to you, or you were legitimately entitled to them
  • Mistaken identity

Contact Our Stuart Burglary Defense Attorney

With our rigorous insight in criminal defense, you’re in trusted hands when you contact our attorney to relentlessly pursue your freedom. We can employ various defense strategies to best suit your needs. We know that everyone is different, therefore we exercise a unique, customized approach to your burglary case to fight for favorable results.

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