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If you have been accused of or charged with murder, do not say anything to anyone until you have an experienced attorney by your side. Many times, innocent individuals will accidentally implicate themselves in a murder offense when they were simply trying to give their alibi or explain why they would never do such a thing.

Unfortunately, the police are never on your side in these types of cases because their primary objective is to find the person who was responsible for the crime. This may push them to ask biased questions, treat you unfairly and even try to trip you up during the questioning. It is best to have a lawyer who knows what they’re doing so that your rights are protected and you are not taken advantage of.

What Is Murder?

Murder occurs when one person intentionally kills another person with malice aforethought. These are among the most serious offenses a person can be charged with and must be dealt with as such. A first-degree murder conviction, the harshest conviction possible, can result in the most severe penalties allowed by Florida law.

If you are convicted of murder in this state, you will end up with:

  • A felony conviction
  • Multiple years or decades spent in prison
  • Possible death penalty

Types of Murder Offenses in Florida

Florida murder charges vary depending on the presence of intent and premeditation.

  • Manslaughter – When a homicide occurs without malice or intent and not in conjunction with a specified felony. The minimum penalty for a conviction is 10.3 years in prison.
  • Second-degree murder – When a homicide occurs maliciously without premeditation and not in conjunction with a specified felony. A conviction can result in up to 30 years in prison or even life in prison.
  • First-degree murder – When either a homicide happens in conjunction with a specified felony or when a premeditated killing happens. A conviction is a capital felony and either result in the death penalty or life in prison without parole.

Why You Need Us to Fight Your Murder Charges

At ADL Law, P.A., our Stuart murder defense attorneys can provide you with effective, relentless and personalized legal services. Regardless of how complicated your situation may be, we have the skills necessary to help you resolve it in a timely and professional manner. When you put our legal advocacy in your corner, our team of dedicated legal professionals will work to protect your freedom and fight for your best interests.

Our murder defense attorneys obtain in-depth experience and competence in this area of law. Our founding attorney was a former police officer for many years before founding ADL Law, P.A. and knows all the tricks police officers and prosecutors use to try to implicate potential suspects.

To learn more about murder charges in Florida and how we can help you, contact us today at (772) 210-9097.

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